Thursday, August 23, 2007


Welcome to AQUATERRA ADVENTURES| Since 1995 Aquaterra Adventures has been running trips and tours for the eager, adventurous travelers throughout the Indian Himalayas and provided enough resources to explore. Aquaterra Adventures is one of the adventure travel companies that specialize in Indian adventure tours, Himalayan jeep safaris, river rafting trips, angling, and wildlife. We specialize in all type of trip arrangement and services. Based on your need and situation we provide trekking tents all the four seasons.

Wildlife parks are well supported by our fishing trips, tours and travel services. Rich and good fishing is possible in the northern side of the country on the Ganga, Kali Rivers for mahseer and on the Tirthan. Aquaterra adventures mountain biking helps you enjoy mountain biking with easy. Also, Himalaya is the best choice for mountain biking including ladakh, himachal Pradesh and uttaranchal. You can | Aquaterra Adventures is an adventure company for those who wish to travel and gather from natural places.

With Aquaterra Adventures you can enjoy river rafting trips in the Alaknanda & Ganga Rivers. We provide different river rafting trips like Subansari River Expeditions, Spiti - Pin River Expedition, Bhagirathi River Rafting Expedition, Kali/Sarda River Rafting Expedition, Lohit River expedition, Total Tons Tonnage River Expedition. On rafting trips, we use only Hyside self-bailing rafts, the most popular rafts with river outfitters. Every year our whitewater river rafting summer Camp runs from May till July in the western part of Uttaranchal, in the Jaunsar Bawar region on the banks of the Tons River.

The main objective behind this rafting summer camp is to create the best trips possible for our customers, with uncommon professionalism, unsurpassed personal service and a commitment to protect and preserve the cultures and environments through which we travel. Our trip leaders are not only experienced but they are aware of the needs and requirement of the groups. They communicate freely and openly to provide better service leading to a complete outdoor experience. Equipment on all our adventure travel trips matches worldwide standards. Aquaterra Adventures has well equipped transport for moving our guides and equipment, to ensure we are always on schedule, timeline is of utmost consideration. Inspite of leap and bounds AQUATERRA ADVENTURES are moving ahead, this is evident from the fact that the prices of our trips provide a high value for money returns.

AQUATERRA ADVENTURES provides perfect adventure ambience for safari travelers to observe wildlife. Looking into the niche of the forest we find wide variety of flora and fauna and with its stretch you can find variety at every step that fascinates travelers. Nested in the foothills of Himalayas you can find world famous Corbett Tiger Reserve where traveler and wild life hunters can have memorable fun time. Starting from sight seeing, capturing beauty in your camera to risky adventure in exclusive safari on elephant back and riding Pachyderm are really.